AL low noise control valve

AL low noise control valve

Product Details


◎ AL low noise control valve product main features:

1. Large stroke and comprehensive guiding structure improves the stability of the valve core under large pressure drop and high pressure, reduces side load and spool vibration, and prolongs the service life of the valve.

2, standardized, modular design, performance is more reliable.

3. The piston ring and high performance sealing ring seal improve the leakage level.

4. The stuffing box adopts maintenance-free self-tightening seal design, which is safer and more reliable.

5, the stuffing box system to increase the dust jacket, can effectively prevent dust and debris from entering the stuffing box.

6. The valve body and the single seat valve are completely versatile, and the valve components can be replaced online.

7. The pressure parts are designed according to ASME nuclear power level standards, which are safer to use and more suitable for severe working conditions.

8. The valve body of the series is compact in structure, the valve core part is fully guided by the sleeve, and the vibration resistance is good. The piston ring and the high-performance sealing ring seal improve the leakage level, and have small volume, light weight and small pressure drop loss. The utility model has the advantages of large flow rate, wide adjustable range, high precision of flow characteristic curve, good dynamic stability, low noise, small cavitation corrosion and small leakage.

9. It is designed to reduce the noise of compressible fluid. In order to adapt to the throttling diffusion and expansion of gas, there are many symmetrical small holes on the sleeve to reduce the pressure drop and the energy consumption of the fluid. It can be widely used for noise teaching. Occasionally cavitation cavitation may occur.