AR axial flow self-operated pressure regulator

AR axial flow self-operated pressure regulator

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◎AR axial flow type self-operated pressure regulating valve features

1. Axial flow structure with strong circulation capacity.

2. Large adjustment range, precise adjustment and durability.

3. The AR type is suitable for use as a self-operated monitoring pressure regulating valve and a self-operated working pressure regulating valve.

4. The sleeve material is made of stainless steel and polished to make the sleeve slide better and resist corrosion.

5, can be equipped with outlet reducer noise reduction device and internal noise reduction device.

6, the standard local position indicator.

7, can be equipped with valve position sensor transmitter.

8. Provide two modes: fault opening and fault closing.

◎ Working principle of AR axial flow type self-operated pressure regulating valve

The inlet pressure of the pipe network is regulated by the front pilot and then enters the control pilot. The control pilot regulates the pressure, and the output P3 enters the rear cavity of the valve to push the diaphragm to overcome the spring force. The valve port is opened for decompression and stable flow output.

When the downstream air volume is reduced, the pressure P2 after the pressure regulating valve rises, P2 is fed back to the control pilot, the control pilot is out of balance, the output pressure P3 is reduced, and the pressure regulating valve also breaks the balance. Under the action of the spring and P2, the opening of the valve port is made smaller or even closed, so that the outlet pressure of the pressure regulating device with the pressure regulating device is lowered back to the set pressure value.

When the amount of gas used downstream increases, P2 decreases, and the action of each part is reversed.