AS-A axial flow safety shut-off valve

AS-A axial flow safety shut-off valve

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◎AS-A axial flow safety shut-off valve features

Axial flow type means that there is an axially symmetrical flow path between the inner body and the outer body of the valve before the fluid reaches the control zone, and there is a streamlined and uniformly symmetrical free flow path, which greatly reduces the local high-speed flow and turbulence of the fluid. , the impact of the jet, etc., and improve the stability of the valve.

1. The Axial on-off valve is used in the Highly Integrated Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) to protect against low pressure levels to avoid overpressure and to avoid overpressure by cutting off the pressure interface.

2, axial flow, high flow capacity and pressure reduction.

3. The cutting time is fast, the valve of ≤36" can be cut off for 2 seconds, and the valve of ≤12" can be cut off within 1 second.

4. Full pressure balanced spool.

5. The main seal automatic protection in the fully open position of the valve avoids the erosion of the high-speed medium as much as possible. In addition, the primary seal does not come into contact with other components during the stroke.

6. The linear piston spring closing actuator has high safety and reliability through the multi-layer spring closing action.

7. The piston spring is closed from the driven actuator without any external power source, ensuring the safety and reliability of the valve action, and energy saving and environmental protection.



◎ Product development

1. In a compressible fluid system, the overpressure protection system (HIPPS) is the highest level of pressure protection system. The Overvoltage Protection System (HIPPS) is a stand-alone system with a wide operating range, using a reliable and durable axial flow safety shut-off valve and associated instrumentation shut-off overvoltage source. The total reaction time of the pressure protection system is less than 2 seconds.

2. The axial flow control valve and related instruments are designed, manufactured and tested according to the DIN3381 standard, which is widely used in the design of overvoltage protection systems.

3. Designed and manufactured valves can use a simple and compact spring return actuator with fewer moving parts in the valve, further reducing reaction time.

4. The actuator is the most important component between the pressure sensing element and the overpressure control valve. Its excellent design keeps it fast and reliable after an extended period of use. Three types of actuators are available in the Overvoltage Protection System (HIPPS):