Anti-surge valve

Anti-surge valve

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The anti-surge valve is a device that prevents the occurrence of surge in the centrifugal gas compressor during operation.

The centrifugal compressor will surge when the output pressure is constant and the flow rate is reduced to a certain value. To prevent surge from occurring, keep the flow from entering the surge zone. When the compressor is in operation, when the resistance of the piping system increases, the flow rate will decrease and may fall below the allowable value.

The task of the anti-surge system is to automatically open the vent valve through the atmosphere or the bypass valve that is returned to the inlet when the flow rate drops to a certain lower safety limit, increasing the flow through the air compressor and preventing entry into the surge zone. Take the flow safety lower limit as the specified value of the regulator. When the flow measurement value is higher than the specified value, the vent valve is fully closed: when the measured value is lower than the specified value, the regulator outputs a signal, and the vent valve is opened to increase the flow rate. The perfect anti-surge device should be controlled according to the two signals of compressor outlet pressure and flow.

In a gas engine, when the turbocharger is operating in a high boost state and the throttle is closed, a large back pressure is generated between the turbocharger and the throttle, which stops the turbocharged compressor impeller. Or the supercharger surges. When the engine suddenly decelerates, the low pressure of the throttle valve is transmitted to the pressure feedback connector of the surge valve through the surge valve ventilation hose, and the surge valve is opened one-way to close the diaphragm to balance the pressure of the compressor before and after the compressor. To avoid supercharger surge.

The anti-surge valve is a protection device for turbocharged engines that ultimately prevents accelerated wear and fatigue from the turbocharger components. The anti-surge valve is a device that prevents the occurrence of surge in the centrifugal gas compressor during operation.

Product performance standards


Main technical parameters | Technical date:

The main technical parameters

The key to anti-surge valve technology is its reliability and optimum performance.

Its important features:

First, protect the compressor

1, the valve must be fast open and completely reliable;

2. The valve flow is sufficient to prevent the starting point;

3. Avoid damage to compressors and pipes caused by noise and vibration.

Second, sensitive control during start and stop

1. The valve should move with the step response, and the overshoot should be limited to a minimum;

2. The valve is provided with a positive feedback position;

3, the valve instrument accessories are simple to adjust