What are the problems with the safety shut-off valve for gas pressure regulators?
- 2019-09-02-

The safety shut-off valve for the gas pressure regulating device is designed and constructed according to the process requirements of the station and the field. Generally, the pressure regulating device of the station and the like has a high inlet and outlet pressure, and can be set in the open air according to the conditions and requirements. The station pressure regulating device is generally provided with measuring equipment to measure the gas entering and leaving the station.

The gas pressure regulating device uses a safety shut-off valve to adjust the problems and influences in the process.

1. Adjusting the operating pressure time selection: The gas non-uniformity is a characteristic of the city gas supply. The outlet pressure of the safety shut-off valve for the gas pressure regulating device is affected by the flow rate. When the flow rate decreases, the outlet pressure increases; otherwise, the outlet pressure Reduced. If the operating pressure is set when the gas consumption is small, once the gas peak occurs, the outlet pressure will decrease as the gas consumption increases. When the pressure is lower than the rated pressure of the gas appliance, the combustion temperature required by the process will not be reached. Therefore, the choice of adjusting the operating pressure time should be cautious.

Safety shut-off valve for gas pressure regulating device

2. The influence of objective factors on regulating operating pressure:

(1) The influence of geographical location height. The density of gas and air is different. If there is a difference in height at the beginning of the gas supply pipe, additional pressure will be generated. When the operating pressure is set too high, the pressure before the stove exceeds the allowable pressure of the cooker, so that the thermal efficiency of the burning appliance is lowered; if the adjustment is too low, the end pressure is insufficient and the combustion condition cannot be satisfied.

(2) The influence of the gas supply range. When gas flows in the pipeline, pressure loss and local resistance loss are generated. The larger the gas supply range, the farther the pipeline is laid, the more the pipeline attachments, and the greater the pressure loss. Ignoring this factor during pressure setting may cause the pressure at the end of the supply pressure to fail to meet the combustion conditions.

(3) The influence of gas characteristics. The supply of safety shut-off valves for gas pressure regulating devices is generally divided into residential gas, public building gas, industrial enterprise gas, and building heating, etc., and their respective gas consumption laws are different. For pure residential gas, the number of households supplied by the pressure regulator is large, and the possibility of maximum load at the same time for each cooker is small, the gas flow changes slowly, and the fluctuation of the outlet pressure is small. In addition, the type of burner used is different and the required supply pressure is also different. The appropriate operating pressure should be set according to the actual situation.