Axial flow pressure regulating valve manufacturing process and processing flow
- 2019-10-24-

Due to the wide variety of axial flow regulators, such as general valves have gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, hydraulic control valves. Industrial valves include solenoid valves, regulating valves, pressure reducing valves, high temperature and high pressure valves, low temperature valves and other special valves, which are used in various fields of the national economy. Their use occasions vary widely, such as high temperature and high pressure, low temperature cryogenic, flammable and explosive. Conditions such as highly toxic and strong corrosive media impose stringent requirements on the material of the valve.

In addition to cast iron, carbon steel, alloy structural steel, a large number of CrNi stainless steel, CrMoAl nitrided steel, CrMoV heat-resistant steel, CrMnN acid-resistant steel, precipitation hardened steel, duplex stainless steel, low temperature steel, titanium alloy, Monel alloy Inconel, Hastelloy and G0CrW cemented carbide.

The casting, welding and processing properties of these high-alloy materials are very poor, which brings great difficulty to the manufacturing process. In addition, most of these materials are high-alloy, high-strength, high-hardness precious materials. There are many difficulties in material selection, preparation, and procurement. Some materials are difficult to purchase due to their small amount of use.

Due to the poor cutting performance of most high-strength, high-hardness and high-corrosion-resistant materials, such as high-alloy stainless steel and acid-resistant steel, they have the disadvantages of high toughness, high strength, poor heat dissipation, large chip viscosity and strong work hardening tendency. Difficult to achieve the required dimensional accuracy and finish, it presents certain difficulties for machined tools, processes and equipment. In addition, the axial flow type pressure regulating valve sealing surface is also very high in processing precision, matching angle, smoothness and matching sealing pair, which brings great difficulty to machining.