Small Axial on-off valve, even life can be safe
- 2019-11-05-

Under the current wave of upgrading and upgrading across the country, many gas stations have upgraded the tankers, and some gas stations will use submersible pump-type tankers. The standard gas stations will be equipped for this type of tanker. Axial On-off valve to ensure that the dispenser can minimize the loss and damage to customers and gas stations in the event of a sudden safety event.

A tanker that supplies oil to a submersible pump should have a shear valve (also known as Axial on-off valve) on the fuel supply pipe at the bottom. When the tanker is hit or ignited, Axial on-off The valve should be able to close automatically. Add Axial on-off valve Ensure that the tanker will automatically close the valve under the action of external force, high temperature, fire, etc., to ensure that the oil does not leak, and play a role of safety protection.

Axial on-off valve

Some gas station operators believe that it is not necessary to install an Axial on-off valve, and some only install a simple ball valve to act as an Axial on-off valve. Such an approach will bury dangerous dangers.

To ensure Axial on-off valve Effectively play a role, especially in the current pipelines using composite pipe gas stations, it is necessary to do in advance according to the drawings: the corresponding tanker installation size, to reserve a reliable tanker foot fixed position, cut valve fixed position, to ensure the late equipment Can be fixed firmly. In this way, the fuel dispenser is pulled down and injured.

Therefore, the small Axial on-off valve can guarantee the safety of life and guarantee the safety of people's lives.