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Axial flow control valves are now the world's core components
- 2019-09-02-

It is understood that the high-pressure common rail control valve assembly is the core component of the high-pressure common rail injector. Because its parts involve precision internal circle, cone surface, small hole and other processing, the process is complicated. At present, domestic manual control is generally used. Production quality is still difficult to guarantee, so most of the repair market still needs to rely on imported components.

Axial flow control valve features

The axial flow of the axial flow control valve medium: due to the use of axially symmetric flow passages, unnecessary changes in indirect flow and flow direction are completely avoided, the flow capacity per unit diameter is maximized, and noise and turbulence are greatly reduced. Formed and protected from upstream untreated fluid corrosion valves

Axial flow control valve zero leakage level seal: The sealing system adopts self-tightening pressure design. The sealing of the valve consists of two sealing rings and is pre-tensioned by a spring. This special design can make the valve close when closed. It is compressed under upstream fluid pressure to achieve a very good sealing effect.

Axial flow control valve

Axial flow control valve pressure balance: holes are evenly distributed on the end face of the piston, so that the pressure inside and outside the piston is balanced. When the left and right movement is independent of the pressure at both ends of the valve, the execution structure with less torque can achieve the purpose of quick action.

Axial flow control valve actuator: There is a piston rod on the piston, the piston rod has a 45° angle rod, and the piston rod is operated by a valve stem with the same rod. The valve stem and the piston are perpendicular to each other. When the valve stem moves upward, the valve opens, and vice versa, the valve closes.

Large range of pressure fluctuations: The axial flow control valve is a relatively accurate pressure regulating valve. Generally, the control pressure can be within ±0.05 MPa of the set value. If the pressure fluctuation range is large, it is necessary to check whether the set values of the tolerance zone and the dead zone in the smart positioner meet the requirements, as described above. If there are no problems with the tolerance band and the dead zone, then the PID parameters should be re-explored until the requirements are met.

The axial flow control valve and its control system are a set of fine pressure regulating/regulating control system. Its operation is stable and reliable, and its precision is high. It is necessary to strengthen inspection and maintenance in daily management and accumulate operational experience to make it better. Play a role.