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Axial valve manufacturers have years of experience delivering positive energy
- 2019-09-02-

After years of unpredictable rapid growth of axial valve manufacturers, the demand for industrial products, especially oil and gas leading products, has shown a slowdown in the international market. This trend is precisely the opportunity and motivation to develop new products for the future market. The innovative design of the axial valve manufacturer combines a number of unique advantages, so a number of international patents have been filed. The axial flow valve has been used in the oil and gas industry for about 50 years. Compared to the more common shut-off valves, gate valves and ball valves, axial valves have several advantages in several areas:

1, tight closure and sealing performance, long service life

2. The pressure drop on the upstream and downstream of the valve body is small.

3, turbulent small online consultation 4. Small driving force

5, fast soft shutdown

6, high reliability, long maintenance intervals

Axial valve manufacturer

The axial flow valve can be quickly switched from fully open to fully closed in two seconds, and after a few years of use, it can still maintain a very low seat leakage rate. In order to ensure proper valve operation and good sealing performance, the key is to ensure that the main channel sealing element must be outside the flow path when the valve is in the open position.

The basis for a quick shutdown is that the required driving force is low and only a small actuator is sufficient. Since the valve has an inherent pressure balance mechanism, the main resistance when driving the valve is only the friction of the sealing element and the mechanical part. This is also a big advantage for extending the service life of the valve. Another feature of the axial flow design is that the turbulence is small when the fluid passes through the valve cavity. After the fluid flows out of the valve chamber, the time required to return to a steady state is much shorter than the time required for an equivalent size shutoff valve. This advantage also helps to optimize the life of downstream equipment and piping performance.

Although the performance advantage is very significant, the manufacture of axial valves is not simple. Only high-level engineers and pioneering experts can overcome technical problems through research. In particular, breaking through historical design constraints. In addition, the new design concept also requires a large number of durability tests.

Axial Flow Control Valves: Axial flow valve manufacturers have used numerous endurance tests for axial flow block valves. Axial flow control valves are just an endorsement because they have the same internal mechanical and sealing systems. Through similar mechanical principles, the development efficiency of axial flow block valves and control valves has been significantly improved.

The axial flow valve body is particularly suitable for use as a control valve because the pressure loss caused by the valve body itself is extremely small. This has the advantage that the minimum adjustment amplitude of the control valve is substantially close to the total pressure drop of the valve body. A significant contrast to this is the shut-off valve, whose geometry determines the pressure loss of the shut-off valve is extremely large and uncontrolled.

In the design phase, the valve and spool will perform a full range of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations according to different settings and installation conditions. This can provide a powerful reference for the design, but does not replace the test for the in-service valve.