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What is the role of axial flow safety shut-off valves in various fields?
- 2019-09-02-

1. The axial flow safety shut-off valve is connected with the flammable gas leakage monitoring instrument. When the instrument detects the leakage of flammable gas, it automatically closes the main air supply valve quickly, cuts off the supply of gas, and timely stops the occurrence of a vicious accident.

2. The axial flow safety shut-off valve is connected with the limit temperature pressure safety controller of the thermal equipment. When the temperature of the detection point in the equipment exceeds the set limit value, the gas supply valve is automatically closed quickly to stop the supply of fuel.

3. The axial flow safety shut-off valve is connected with the central fire alarm system of the high-rise building. When a fire occurs in the building, the gas supply in the building is automatically cut off to prevent the gas explosion.

4. Axial flow safety shut-off valve Set ZCR natural gas emergency shut-off valve in the natural gas supply pipeline network of big city or processing plant. It can centrally control the system in the central government control room, and remotely control the remote control to turn off the major accident. Pipeline gas path.

Axial flow safety shut-off valve

What is the role of the axial flow safety shut-off valve in the unloading process?

The axial flow safety shut-off valve, also known as the emergency shut-off valve, means that the valve will close or open quickly in the event of an emergency, to avoid accidents. Shut-off valve Cut-off The valve is a normally closed structure, which is mainly installed in the liquid ammonia storage tank and the gas storage tank outlet as a switch-cut type valve. The shut-off valve is normally closed, and is opened by the loading and unloading (pressure, oil pressure), and the pressure is closed.

The working principle of axial flow safety shut-off valve:

1. The valve is in the normally open state during daily work, and the solenoid valve coil is in the power-off state and does not consume electrical energy.

2. When a safety accident occurs, the instantaneous speed of the electromagnetic valve of the gate valve is plugged in, and the opening gate valve is quickly turned off, and the locking condition is entered. At this time, even if the switching power supply is removed, the gate valve is still locked, and it is not easy to automatically open again.

3. The valve adopts pilot-operated valve flap, which is easy to open. Even if the pressure reaches 6bar, it is very easy to open. The diameter is larger than DN125. The lever handle is used to make the valve reach the labor saving and fast.

4. When the staff handles the accident and manually reopens the valve, the gas supply will be resumed.