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Axial flow electric pressure regulator common problem diagnosis and maintenance
- 2019-10-24-

Our company has utilized its own research and development advantages, continuously innovated and improved, obtained independent intellectual property rights of all core products, and successfully localized high-voltage and low-voltage series of voltage regulator products. At the same time, combined with the rapid development of Internet of Things, it developed an Internet of Things-based network. The intelligent management and control platform realizes the life cycle management of gas equipment and provides basic data guarantee for the safe operation of equipment.

The axial flow type electric pressure regulating valve does not work after being energized: Check whether the switching power supply wiring method is unsatisfactory → re-wiring method and connector connection, check whether the switching power supply voltage is in the scope of ± working area - → normalization Whether the magnetic ring is desoldering → re-welding, short-circuiting the magnetic ring → removing the magnetic ring, the working pressure difference is not suitable → adjusting the pressure difference → or replacing the electric control valve, the fluid temperature is too high → the electric motor is replaced The regulating valve has impurities to cause the main valve core and the moving iron core of the electric regulating valve to be stuck → to be cleaned. If there is sealing damage, the sealing property should be replaced and the filtering device should be installed. The liquid viscosity is too high, the frequency is too high and the life has reached → Replace the new product.

Axial flow electric pressure regulator

The axial flow type electric pressure regulating valve can't be closed: the seal of the main valve core or the iron core is damaged → the seal is replaced, the fluid temperature and viscosity are not too high → the electric control valve of the opposite port is replaced, and the impurities enter the electric regulation Valve valve core or moving iron core → clean up, yellow life has been or deformed → replacement, throttle hole equalization hole blockage → timely cleaning, working voltage is too high or life has arrived → re-election of new products or new products.

Axial flow electric pressure regulator Other conditions: internal leakage → check whether the hydraulic seal is damaged, whether the yellow is not properly assembled, the outer leakage → the junction is broken or the hydraulic seal is broken → tighten the screw or remove the hydraulic seal There is always noise when plugging in the power → the solid parts on the head fall off and tighten. The voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range and the voltage is adjusted. The iron core is flushed with impurities or uneven, and cleaned or replaced in time.