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What are the main reasons for the internal leakage of Axial On-off Valve?
- 2019-09-02-

In the daily use of Axial on-off valve users, people often reflect a problem, namely Axial on-off When the valve is used on a medium with a large differential pressure, such as steam, high-pressure water, etc., it is often difficult to close. No matter how hard it is closed, it is always found that there is leakage, it is difficult to close, causing the cause of this problem. It is caused by the structural design of the valve and the insufficient output torque of the human limit level.

The main reasons for the internal leakage of the Axial on-off valve are:

Axial on-off valves are generally used in boiler outlets, main sub-cylinders, steam mains, etc. These locations have the following problems:

1) The general pressure difference of the boiler outlet is relatively large, so the steam flow rate is also larger, and the erosion damage to the sealing surface is also greater. Another furnace igniting high efficiency is not 100%, which will result in a large amount of vapor moisture in the inlet and outlet of the furnace, which is very easy to cause cavitation and cavitation damage to the gate surface.

Axial on-off valve

2) For the shut-off valve around the inlet and outlet of the heating furnace and the sub-cylinder, there is intermittent over-temperature condition due to the steam just coming out of the heating furnace. In the whole process of the saturated state, if the heating furnace water becomes soft, it is not very good. If you get it, it will dissolve some of the strong acid and alkali chemicals, which will cause erosion and erosion on the surface. Some crystallized chemicals will also adhere to the crystal of the gate valve, resulting in a tight seal of the gate valve.

3) The cylinder inlet and outlet trade gate valve, due to the use of steam after the valve due to production regulations, etc., the use of steam is large and small, in the case of large changes in water flow, it is very easy to cause flashing, cavitation, etc. The condition, in turn, causes erosion and cavitation damage to the gate surface.

4) Usually, when the large pipe is opened by the pipeline, the pipe must be heated. The whole process of heating usually stipulates that the total flow rate of steam is not based on, so that the pipe is slowly and evenly heated to a necessary level, and the shut-off valve can be completely opened to prevent the pipe from being caused. Extremely warming caused too much soaring, destroying a part of the joint position. But throughout the process, Axial The on-off valve opening degree is therefore very small, which leads to the erosion rate far exceeding the actual effect of all normal applications, and the use period of the gate valve face is seriously reduced.