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What are the main features of the axial flow regulator?
- 2019-10-24-

The axial flow regulator has low starting pressure, high closing sensitivity, good sealing performance and arbitrary inlet and outlet directions. Various types of structures such as sectional type, ram type, and dual position flow adjustment.

Axial flow regulator features:

1. External pneumatic pilot, automatic adjustment of double-layer packing sealing cover, which can increase the service life and maintenance-free.

2. There is a self-adjusting sealing gland between the overflow port and the slider to improve the sealing performance. Because of the large spring force and gas pressure, the sealing performance is good, which is several times stronger than the solenoid valve. .

3. Able to achieve high flow rate (especially compared with ordinary shut-off valves and solenoid valves), compact structure and fast response.

Axial flow regulator

4. Cost-effective, economical and durable, with a service life of more than 1 million times. It is more economical than pneumatic angle seat valves and pneumatic ball valves, and has a service life of more than 6 times.

5. Under certain conditions, it can be used in two-way switch, no backflow in back pressure, no check valve, low cost and installation space. When the axial flow regulating valve is closed, when the outlet side pressure is higher than the inlet side, it will still be reliably closed without any leakage, and the normal valve will have a reverse flow phenomenon (especially compared with the ordinary solenoid valve).

6. The axial flow regulator has a fast opening and closing speed. The pressure balanced design provides quick and repeatable operation. The speed is similar to the solenoid valve. It is suitable for high speed switching applications, more than double the speed of the pneumatic ball valve.

7. Under certain conditions, it can be impacted by waterproof hammer. There is no strong vibration when it is opened, which is 40% less than the normal pneumatic valve.