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Compressor anti-surge valve successfully passed the national new product identification
- 2019-10-24-

The China Machinery Industry Federation and the China General Machinery Industry Association were commissioned by the National Energy Administration to host the “New Product Appraisal Meeting for Key Valves and Compressor Anti-surge Valves for Large-Scale Natural Gas Pressure Regulating Devices” in Tianjin. The meeting was identified. The anti-surge valve is the key valve of the pressure regulating device with the highest pressure and the largest diameter in China.

After discussion, the appraisal committee considered that the key valve of the large-diameter pressure regulating device and the anti-surge valve of the cylinder-driven axial compressor were developed. The products filled the domestic blank, and the main technical parameters and performance indicators reached the international advanced level of similar products. After further improvement, it will be put into industrial operation in the form of China-Russia pipeline and other projects.

Anti-surge valve

Anti-surge valve is only a branch pipe from high pressure to low pressure. The temperature requirement is not high, and the flow rate is required. What is the reason for adding the cooler? After the final stage compression, the outlet temperature can be the same as the first-stage inlet temperature, then it must pass through the cooler. The temperature is reduced to be similar to the inlet, the temperature is reduced and the volume is reduced, and the amount of pumping is increased.

Under the leadership of the National Energy Administration, this localization task was jointly promoted by China National Petroleum Corporation and China National Machinery Association. It is one of the major scientific and technological projects of China's petroleum industry, “localization of key equipment for oil and gas pipelines”.

The company will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the core engine of the company's development, continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously develop new products, do our best for the country's energy security, and inject inexhaustible power for sustainable development!