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The maintenance of the axial flow control valve must be in place to improve efficiency.
- 2019-11-05-

The axial flow regulator is to be serviced and maintained after normal operation. The axial flow regulator is part of the automation control system and its maintenance should be carried out simultaneously with the automation instrument and other equipment.

The maintenance of axial flow regulators is similar to the maintenance of general instruments and can be divided into passive maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance. Passive maintenance is a maintenance method that is performed when equipment such as axial flow regulators fails. Maintenance is caused by equipment failure, which often causes the production process to stop. In serious cases, equipment damage or casualties may occur.

Axial flow regulator

Passive maintenance is an undesired maintenance of the production process. Preventive maintenance is a maintenance method that is maintained on time according to past operational experience. For example, the usual regular maintenance is preventive maintenance. It sets the maintenance schedule according to the operation of different equipments, and performs maintenance when the equipment has not failed.

Maintenance is performed because the failure does not occur, so the probability of failure can be greatly reduced. However, this maintenance method does not analyze the actual situation of the currently used axial flow regulating valve, and often disassembles and inspects the axial flow regulating valve which can also be used for a certain period of time, wasting time and resources.

According to the different process production process, the periodic verification of the axial flow regulating valve should have different calibration cycles, and it is necessary to carry out frequent maintenance work, so as to better improve the use efficiency.